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This Moment Contains All Moments

snowball fightIt occurred to me that I never reported on our attempt to get away skiing last month.  Rest assured snack breakthat it all came together. The boys skipped school and we took the day off so that we could hit the beautiful Kolapore ski trails. Stolen moments are sometimes the sweetest. Spur of the moment delectable bites of life help remind you why you get up and put on your work pants the rest of the days.

After a hectic holiday season where days off seemed to turn into marathon drives followed by endless meet and greets, we succeeded in stealing ourselves a perfect moment of family time. We also managed to squeeze it in just before a forecast of rain that managed to decimate the snow base.

For our mini break, conditions were perfect. There was a healthy amount of snow but the air temperature hovered just above zero pile upmaking our time super comfy and required minimal layering in the garment department. Like riding a bike, nordic skiing is something that you never forget. The first half-k is always hilarious and slapstick as we find our collective groove, but it’s not long before we look like an ad for good old-fashioned Canadian fun.

It doesn’t really matter how you choose to spend your family time. My message here is this…there are only so many moments allotted to each of us in this life. This moment contains all moments (C.S. Lewis). Don’t spend them on the bus to work or on the couch in front of the t.v. wishing that you were skiing. Just ski.

Up To Our Same Old Tricks

It feels like forever since we’ve been on a proper trip.  After the start of the school year and after a very busy summer, our adventures slow down to a trickle. We absolutely play hooky to go exploring, but after skipping a chunk of the first week of school and then hitting the wet and really cold but not quite cold enough weather here in southern Ontario, we’ve been twiddling our tripping thumbs.

Fast forward to today. I spent the afternoon juggling schedules and trying to make reservations…looking for availability and dodging meetings and commitments like a pro. Nothing is finalized yet, but it looks like we are finally breaking the drought and hitting the hills. I want to go cross-country skiing!  When I told the kids they were thrilled.  “Please, please, please make it happen” they pleaded with clenched hands, eyes shut tight and on bent knees.  Believe me guys…I’m trying!

We're going on a trip? Woohoo!

We’re going on a trip? Woohoo!

We are beginning to plan our whole 2013 schedule and it is looking GOOD. A hike here, a paddle there and a crazy idea is finally going to come to life. Whether this ski trip happens or not (don’t worry, another one will take its place if this falls through), it feels good to be out of our self-imposed rut and up to our same old tricks.

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