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Hiking Killarney’s LaCloche Silhouette Trail…With Kids!

It’s funny how time can affect how you remember events. The more harrowing the event, the more time and distance it takes to be able to look back with fondness.

I remember clearly that when we finished Pukaskwa’s Coastal Hiking Trail, I looked over at Fraser and announced that it turns out I wasn’t a “hiker” in my heart and that my future attentions would focus on paddling. HA! It took one big breakfast of bacon and eggs and the reviewing of some of my pictures in the car on the way home to change my mind.

I knew that our little family would attempt a big hike again…and soon.Pukaskwa 2012 283

Today Fraser texted me that he had booked our next hike. It is certain now that I need to start gathering the necessary gear for our family of four to tackle Killarney Provincial Park’s LaCloche Silhouette Trail. We are going on the same week in May that we did Pukaskwa because despite the hordes of black flies, the weather was ideal. Nice and cool and overcast means we are spared the sweaty head spinning heat that summer days offer and the sleeping is easy.

While it is suggested that this trail can take up to 10 days, we will be hiking its 100km’s in six days and five nights. We are really looking forward to this. We have loved Killarney forever, but have always seen it from the vantage of our canoes. We did do a day trip once up to Silver Peak. Silver Peak is about as high as the CN Tower and is so named because it is made up of gorgeous quartzite that is a beautiful milky white. It was quite a haul, even without fully loaded packs. With Pukaskwa (which is rated one of Canada’s top 5 most challenging hikes by Macleans Magazine) under out belts, I’m sure that we’re going to do great!silver peak.2

The best part of this years trip is that the kids are one year older (and many inches taller and pounds heavier) so they can contribute even more than last year. We’re once again going to have to upgrade the boys gear since they’ve outgrown the last set. All in all though, because of their increased ability to haul, we should be able to eat better and bring a few more comforts. It just gets better and better 🙂

We are always up for a challenge and we can’t wait for May to finally roll around again to continue a new family tradition of super spring hikes. In fact, now that we know the trail for this year, I’m searching for our next big one. I guess I am a “hiker” after all.

Silver Peak or Bust

I can smell it.  I can taste it.  The air is thick with anticipation.  The calendar conspicuously hangs on the kitchen wall taunting me

beautiful clear lakes

with its highlighter scars.  Monday creeps ever closer with its promise of peaceful moments and fretful challenges.  The boats are ready, the Jeep is ready, we are ready, but is Killarney ready for us?

classic killarney

The family is taking over Killarney Provincial Park all next week.  If you’re there too, chances are good that you are going to see us.  We’ll be on the lakes, on the portages and hopefully at the top of Silver Peak.  At 539 meters, Silver Peak is the third highest “mountain” in Ontario and is almost as tall as the CN Tower.  Interior access is from Bell Lake along the aptly named Silver Peak Trail and the hike to the top is about 6km.  I’m hoping that the beauty of the place and natural features like the waterfalls near the last section, will be enough of a distraction that the kids won’t balk at the distance or the elevation.

As long as the weather cooperates, I’m determined to take some beautiful pictures.  Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful memories.

a storm rolling in

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