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Now is the Winter of Our Content

I work in a place where on a daily basis people pass through our doors on their way to far-flung exotic destinations. I have to admit that I feel like I’m shirking my duties as a Canadian and a member of this industry not to harbour similar dreams of my own. There still remain a couple corners of the globe that I’d still like to see. I mean, who doesn’t want to go to Lapland and see herds of reindeer roaming the frozen landscape? Did you know that there is fabulous canoeing in Lapland? Just saying. But the truth is that the majority of my travel dreams land squarely within the borders of Canada. Call me a homebody, but Canada has enough special spots to peak my interest and fill my dreams for the rest of my days.

photo: GETTY

Right now I’m working on my newest big adventure idea. In a few weeks we will be heading up to Killarney to stay in one of their yurts. I can’t wait. To fill the seemingly endless days between then and now, I’ve been googling “yurts”. I stumbled across the most amazing thing! While checking out the yurt rental listings in Quebec park sites, I found listings for some alternative abodes. Have you ever rented an IGLOO! Yes, you’ve read correctly. Igloos are available in Parc national du Bic between December 16th and March 18th and Parc national des Monts-Valin between December 26 and March 25th, conditional on weather. A minimum of two adults are required for safety reasons, but the igloos sleep up to four people. That is just perfect for our little family. Put it on the list.

Photograph by: Handout photo, SEPAQ

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Fraser’s dad was born and raised in Quebec. His family had/has a farm where they produce maple syrup. That’s the coolest thing ever. I have a wonderful memory of when we moved back from Vancouver and stayed at the folks place for a couple of weeks while we waited for our belongings to catch up with us. George (that’s Fraser’s dad) planned a little welcome back to the cold weather surprise. He cooked up some of the family syrup until it was nice and thick and hot, then he took us all out back and poured it onto the snow. Stop me if you’ve heard this one… We rolled the quickly hardening syrup onto sticks and gobbled down the candy. This was not my first maple candy experience, but the kids were amazed and delighted. They also adore what we refer to as “squeaky cheese”, or cheese curds. They’ve already got the basis for some serious Quebec love.

Algonquin yurt February 2011

And so the subliminal coercion begins. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find ourselves in one of those igloos before this season is over. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and my hints hard. Wish me luck!

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