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File Under F for Fun

I’m sure everybody’s post trip routine is different.  Ours goes a little something like this… unload the car and put some, but not all of the gear away.  Who’s got enough energy for a full clean up?  The rest lives in the dining room for a few weeks.  We all just pretend not to see it.  Next, I rush over to my computer and plug in the memory cards from my camera.  I love taking pictures.  I usually have at least 600 of them. Yeah, I know… it’s a tad bit excessive.  Then the best part, I troll through the pics and select the best of the best.  I don’t always choose the most beautiful.  I pick out the funniest and most memorable moments and I take note of the number that has been assigned to them.  Finally, I go to one of those photobook websites and I upload all of the keepers.

i think this one is a keeper – killarney mini island

We have a lot of book shelves in our house and when those all got filled up, books began piling up on dressers and desks and even the floor.  But our trip photo books have a special home in our coffee table alongside our collection of Kevin Callan’s wisdom.  It’s fun to show them off to guests, but we get the most pleasure out of poring over them ourselves.  Reliving past trips in the down time between them keeps all of the memories fresh in our minds and inspires future conquests.  We sometimes stumble on the kids giggling over the pictures, having pulled out the books in lieu of staring at the tv.  You can’t beat that.

So having just arrived home and characteristically dumping some gear next to the dining table, it’s time to go and make this years book of the family trip to Killarney.

some of our family photo books

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