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Movember Wrap Up and Shave Off

Well folks, another Movember is wrapping up today. Congratulations to all of the participants and their patient partners. With the snowfall in Toronto today, I’m sure that many a Movemberite was happy for the built-in lip warmer and I hope that tomorrow won’t feel too cold when your staches are gone. As for my little guy, I know that he’s gonna miss the fun, but there is always next year!

One last hurrah with the lip warmer

Embarrassed To Death

Do you remember that media campaign? The one urging men to have annual check-ups to help detect and treat prostate and colorectal cancers? I thought it was brilliant and dead-on accurate (pun intended). Yes, indeed it IS embarrassing. Is it so bad that you would die to avoid it?

With the Movember movement having grown into such a HUGE success, and so many friends and acquaintances getting baby-faced today to launch their mustache growing fundraising efforts, I want to make sure the message isn’t being lost. I love seeing the enthusiasm and dreadful early days of facial hair as I pass knowing glances with commuters in their suits sporting uncharacteristic shaggy-ness. I wonder if each of these men will then go visit their respective doctors and get the requisite check-up. That is the point of all of this right? Men’s health. Keeping our loved ones healthy and cancer free.

This year, I am one of those people participating in Movember. No. Thankfully I’m not able to grow a mustache of my own. I am a  Mo Sista and my seven-year old Zach will be “growing” a mustache in my stead. There is a friendly competition going on in the paddling community and I’ve been invited to play along. There is fun, there are games and even prizes, but it isn’t all fun and games. Encourage the men in your life to follow through and get uncomfortable to help save lives. Let’s keep them around for as long as we can. If you can afford to part with a few dollars and further the cause, visit my Movember page with this link or the link on the sidebar, or support any friends and family that you know who are participating. What is my motivation? Like my Movember page states… to start the dialogue, raise the funds, erase the embarrassment and change the face of men’s health. Good luck to all!

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