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Here is a little something that I wrote on my way back from Pukaskwa National Park a couple of days ago.

Please sir, I want some more…


It’s amazing how accustomed we become to what we consider basics. Food on demand, a roof over our heads, a safe warm place to sleep. We forget to be thankful for these things until for a time, however short, we are without them.
Making our way home from Pukaskwa in the driving rain makes me thankful that we came off trail last night instead of later this afternoon as planned. Had we stuck to the original plan, we’d have slept in the rain and awoken to a downpour. We’d be huddled under a tarp in temperatures not too far above freezing and eating oatmeal…again. We’d put on slightly damp gear and head out with heavy packs for a long days hike.
Instead we are warm and dry inside our Jeep in search of bacon and eggs and an inviting diner. We are not swatting away black flies or concerned about bears. We are anticipating heavily sweetened coffee and cell phone service.
I hope that this feeling of utter unabashed gratitude doesn’t fade too quickly. It’s good to recognize our blessings while we’ve got them and not have to wait until they’re gone to lament what we’ve lost.

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