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Paddling Away to Hudson Bay

Every once in a while, it’s time to do some housecleaning.  Generally speaking I am NOT a clean freak and am happy to wallow in a wee bit of filth.  However the family finally got around to doing our spring cleaning (yeah I know it’s July) and along with being able to see under the beds again, all this open airy space has allowed my mind to wander to more dreamy places.

Last year I told you that there were only two places on earth that I still dreamed of visiting…the Yukon and Norway.  Well now that I’ve checked the Yukon off of my list (and YES, I swear I will get around to telling you all about it!) there’s room to slot in a new dream destination.

York Factory, 1770's by Samuel Hearne. Engraving coloured, March 1, 1797. © Hudson's Bay Co. Archives, Provincial Archives of Manitoba / Engraver: Wise / HBCA P-228 (N8317)

York Factory, 1770’s by Samuel Hearne. Engraving coloured, March 1, 1797.
© Hudson’s Bay Co. Archives, Provincial Archives of Manitoba / Engraver: Wise / HBCA P-228 (N8317)

When I attended the Wilderness Canoe Symposium in February, I saw a presentation by Katie Tanz about a canoe trip she co-lead through Keewaydin Camp, that started from Windigo Lake and finished in York Factory on the Hudson Bay.  This punishment by paddle culminated in a visit to the original Hudson Bay Company post and a camp-out in the adjoining polar bear-safe enclosure.  This presentation has lived in my subconscious for months and with room for dreams to grow, has made its way to the forefront of my mind, permeating most of my quiet moments with images of grand adventure.  I WANT this!

I consider myself blessed to have been born in such a grand and awesome country (happy belated Canada Day!) and most especially to be a native and current resident of beautiful Ontario.  Of all the corners of this earth, with all the wonders to see and experiences that they offer, I still dream in Canadian.  How could a girl get any luckier than to live in a place that after decades of exploring, still holds so many treasures yet to be discovered…

Mark my words folks, the wheels are turning…I’m putting my strongest brain cells on the task of figuring out how to get the family paddling their way to Hudson Bay.

hudson bay map

I Am Canadian!

And proud of it!


Maybe the Coolest Family Ever

And no, I’m not referring to MY family here.  We’re cool, but we’re not “cycle with your kids for a YEAR” cool.  I wish we were that cool.

I just read about the Vanderkwaak family.  Reuben and Heidi Vanderkwaak are taking their two kids Eden (4) and Harper (almost 2) on a year-long bike tour starting in Hamilton, Ontario and travelling 20,000km through Canada, the US, Mexico and Central America.

Doesn’t that make you want to start planning an epic family adventure of your own?!  Well it makes me want to 🙂  I’ve always wanted to take a big chunk of time off and go on an extended trip.  I want something to brag about.  The kind of trip that makes people’s jaw drop.  I want to feel CHANGED somehow, by the experience.  Expanded mind and family togetherness, beating the odds, overcoming adversity and all of that good stuff.  But where to go and what to do?  How about the Trans Canada Trail?  I don’t mean just a part of it, but the WHOLE THING!  That would be something to brag about.  This is a quote from their website :

The Trans Canada Trail is the world’s longest network of trails.  When completed, the Trail will stretch 22,000 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans, linking 1000 communities and 33 million Canadians.  Today, more than 18,500 kilometres of trail have been developed.  Millions of Canadians and international visitors are using the Trail to hike, cycle, ski, horseback ride, canoe and snowmobile.  The Trans Canada Trail offers countless opportunities to explore Canada’s diverse landscapes and rich history.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  And it’s in our own backyards!  Have any of you tripped along the Trans Canada Trail?  Was it awesome?!  What crazy extended trip have you always dreamed about?  I need ideas, so don’t be surprised if I steal one and do it myself 😉

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