A Fire Reignited

I’m not sure what happened after I returned from the Yukon.  It was the experience of a lifetime (and I promise that I will get around to telling you all about it), but when I got back home my drive to explore was gone.  Maybe it was because I’d squeezed a couple of years worth of tripping into 30 crazy days.  Maybe it was because I’d travelled to my dream destination…what else was left?  Whatever the reason, I surrounded myself with all of my favourite comforts and hunkered down for the winter, only emerging to hunt for food and yarn.  I built myself a nest insulated with cowls and mittens and casseroles.  Last weekend, I peeked my head out and for the first time in months, I saw the light.NOLS Yukon

The fates aligned when I was asked to attend the Wilderness Canoe Symposium here in Toronto for Rapid Media and do a little write-up for their website.  I loaded a daypack with my thermos,  iPad and camera and off I went, not knowing exactly what to expect.  I arrived to what can only be described as a party atmosphere.  Attendees traded stories in the lobby like old friends, and they probably were.  It can sometimes feel like we trippers are a dying breed and when we find others of our species, we hold on tight.

wilderness canoe symposium

I took my seat and the presentations began.  As speaker after speaker recounted their unforgettable trips and spoke passionately about their causes, I admit that I became emotional.  Clearly my experience in the Yukon had affected me more than I had realized.  All I wanted to do was flee my chair, grab my gear and my family and run away into the forest.  I felt the desire to be on trip more strongly than I ever had before.  I texted as much to Fraser and I’m sure that I could hear his sigh of relief all the way across the city.  He’d been patiently waiting for me to find that spark.  I hadn’t just found a spark though, I’d found a fire.

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  1. It is a poor life this if we have no time to stop and stare! You need to take the time to absorb your experience, to profit from your growth, learning and experience. It loses its true value when we rush from one ‘experience’ to another, collecting them merely like stamps or badges. 🙂


  2. Posted by OliveT on February 21, 2014 at 1:44 PM

    I really look forward to hearing about the Yukon and glad to see you back in the blogosphere.


  3. Me too. Yukon is on my family hiking trip list. I’ll be ready to read when you post.


  4. The four of us from TwoCanoe attended the symposium for the first time this year – hearing about it by word of mouth from some friends of ours. We weren’t sure what to expect but we definitely had a great time. I particularly enjoyed James Raffan’s presentation.

    Looking forward to hearing about your Yukon trip as well.



  5. That was quite the symposium. I have had experiences like that, that feeling of belongingness with nature. It’s such a strong emotion not everyone can really fathom. Thank you for sharing this piece with us. How was your Yukon trek?


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