Do You Know What I’d Like to Do?

Oh that familiar line of questioning that inevitably lands us smack dab in the middle of our most ambitious adventures.

Just last night I heard those magic words and so a new adventure begins.  Our big hike in Pukaskwa  last spring lit a fire in our tripping bellies.  Our newest plan, hatched by my hubby, will see us clambering over the peaks of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney Provincial Park.  Too late in the season to attempt it this year, we plan on tackling it next spring.

Our hike in May of this year has taught us that spring hiking is where it’s at.  While we were plagued by black flies and rain, the temperature was ideal for lugging heavy packs and scaling steep slopes.  While we have visited Killarney many many times, it has always been by canoe.  We did get a small taste of La Cloche when we climbed silver peak in 2011.  It was much harder than we anticipated, but with Pukaskwa under our belts, we’re not concerned whether the boys can do it or not.  We KNOW they can!
We are looking at a 7-10 day route covering 100km and I can’t imagine that we can get our packs any lighter than last time (I’m looking at you Thermarest Neoair XLite, the love of my tripping life), but the boys will be that much bigger and stronger (I picked up a 55 litre pack for Luke!) so Fraser and I will get a little bit of a break on this hike…phew!  We can’t wait and now that I’ve officially agreed to another serious hike after vowing that Pukaskwa was my last (don’t worry, I always swear off tripping after a tough one…lol!) I’ve been told that there are no take-backs.

And the boys, how do they feel about lacing up the hikers again?  Zach says he only wishes that it could be harder.  He wants to set another record.  That’s my boy.

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  1. Posted by juliet on November 5, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    You’re going to LOVE the Killarney hike!! The vistas are absolutely stunning and the boys will be absolutely fine. There are some monstrous hills, but nothing the boys wouldn’t have tackled in Pukaskwa 🙂


  2. Won’t there still be a lot of snow up there in May? Or is most of it gone by then? It is mostly gone by May here in Colorado, but it sticks around up high on the peaks and some of the passes. It is supposed to be a big snow year here. So we are going to head to Grand Canyon or Zion for a trip in April to avoid snow/ice issues. In July we are going to try our longest, 170 miles on the Colorado Trail (Denver to Leadville). Boy, I hope it works out that we can do that!


    • There might still be some snow around. On our hike this past May we were 10hrs further north and not a flake in sight. It was a super warm winter though.
      We’ll see when the time gets closer, but either way it’ll be fun!
      Wow 170 miles? That’s awesome! Because we work in outdoor retail, it’s difficult for my husband and I to get much time off in the summer. I’d love to do a big trip like that though. Colour me jealous 🙂


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