Georgian Bay Islands On My Mind

I’m feeling pretty smug.  Earlier this year when we were planning our adventures for the summer, we decided to schedule our trip to Georgian Bay Islands National Park for early September.  After a challenging tripping season we now have beautiful Georgian Bay in our sights.

Just a short drive from Toronto, we get to start enjoying our trip right out of the blocks and save a bit of coin on gas money to boot.  If it rains, or if it’s cold or if those pesky bugs outlast the hot nights and come looking for us, I won’t mind.  We are going to be staying in a rustic cabin sheltered from the elements.  We’re going on vacation!

September has always been my favourite month for tripping.  The nights are cool, the leaves are changing and the crowds have thinned out.  Algonquin is our usual fall destination, but not only are we changing up the venue, we are going to a park that none of us have visited before.  That makes it extra exciting.  Friends that have been to Georgian Bay Islands before tell us that we’re in for a treat.  It is simply a gorgeous park.

Our plan is to take it easy.  We are going to explore the hiking trails on Beausoleil Island to take advantage of the mixed topography, Canadian shield on the north end and forests in the south.  With the boys hooked on fishing, we will definitely be spending time on shore trying to hook a big one.  Picnicking, barbeque, campfires, hiking, fishing, cozy cabin, pictures…lot of pictures.  Yeah, I’m feeling pretty smug.

6 responses to this post.

  1. You’ll love it! The only other thing I could say is that I may be a tad jealous 😀


  2. Sounds like a wicked awesome trip!

    David J.


  3. Ooh, that sounds lovely! Enjoy your trip. 🙂


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