The Great Moose Rescue – Courtesy of Wild and Misguided Adventures

Bonnie Couchie and Gord Martin co-operators of  Wild and Mis-guided Adventures have a joint philosophy that while it is important to enjoy hiking, paddling, and camping with skill, competence and awareness, you need to leave yourself the space to get a little bit lost, a little bit wild and very open.

They could never have imagined that this philosophy would be affirmed so magically in the inaugural season of their guided outdoor adventure business.  Who would have believed that they’d end up rescuing 2 tiny shivering moose caught in the fast current of the Black River and that Gord along with friend Ian Erskine would end up carrying one of the grateful moose to safety in their canoe?  Or  that the calf would then try to follow Gord home!  But that is exactly what happened.

“We knew that things could have gone really wrong and we didn’t make the decision lightly, but in that moment we knew we had to try to help’” says Martin.  After helping the first calf to shore, they carried the smaller one in their canoe, dried him off, fed him and calmed him.

“Gord and the moose connected in a way that we never imagined possible in such a short period of time. Even after he had regained his strength, he wanted to stay with Gord and appeared determined to get back in the canoe, after being put ashore twice.  It was almost heartbreaking to watch Gord and the moose part.”

To see more pictures of the rescue, check out their website.  To hear Bonnie tell the story, listen to the interview she gave about it to CBC’s Lisa Laco.

“I am grateful for the gifts of understanding and a renewed sense of wonder that I receive each time I complete one of our traditional Anishnabe fasts,” continues Couchie. “I am always struck by the fact that when you allow yourself the opportunity to slow down and get away from your comforts, the universe will often take you on an incredible journey that you never thought possible. Gord and I find these same gifts when we go into the backcountry on canoe, hiking, or camping adventures. We would like to share those journeys with you.”

 Our family had the pleasure of staying in the gorgeous teepee that Gord and Bonnie built after we finished our hike in Pukaskwa National Park.   I only wish that we had been able to spend more time with them and we would have loved to have gone on trip together.  It’s not too late for you to join them though!  Wild and Mis-guided Adventures is running a 10-day canoe and hiking trip in Northwestern Ontario’s Splendor running from August 1-10th.  This really is the nicest backcountry we have ever tripped in and you couldn’t find two better hosts, so check out their website for more details on this amazing opportunity.  Also don’t miss staying at the Pic River Guest Suite while you’re in the area.

For more information you can contact them directly:

Bonnie Couchie and Gord Martin 807 229 8790

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