The Best Backcountry Dad

I get all the glory being the writer in the family, but it is in reality my amazing husband Fraser who deserves all of the credit, I’m just along for the wonderful ride.

Fraser quietly dreams up and plans all of our trips down to the smallest detail. From the next park and the best route to the prettiest site at sunset with most awesome jumping rock…Fraser thinks of everything. He hauls the lions share of the gear without any complaint. In fact he constantly offers to take some of our load to help make our time more enjoyable. He has been known to carry the biggest pack plus a canoe on portage only to RUN back to beginning to shoulder another load. And he always offers to make that bonus run to grab our second boat. My ego won’t let me allow this, but I know that he genuinely means it when he offers.

Daddy-o also plans, packs, preps and prepares EVERY meal on trip taking the time to include the kids so that they feel like they are contributing. Even though it takes longer with their “assistance”, he loves showing them the ropes and they love learning. Afterwards he cleans all of the dishes and packs up and sets the bear hang. Did I mention that he can also get a fire going in any weather? He’s a fire guru. After all that, he finds time to play with the kids when the work is done. And when the boys are asleep, he chronicles all of the days happenings in a journal so that they will be able to read about and remember every trip forever.

Fraser always knows the right way to go and shows us all on the map how to tell where we are and where we are going. He is calm, assured and supportive and regularly tells us what great campers we are, especially when he can see frustration and exhaustion beginning to show on our faces. He never expects the same in return, but then again he never seems to need it. What has happened though is that our boys have picked up this kind trait and show support for each other (and me) the way that their dad has always done for them. Encouraging words, helpful hands and a shared load. These are the lessons that Fraser teaches by example.

It is probably because he makes camping so easy and so much fun that we are all in love with it. His genuine love of the outdoors is what has sparked the same in our sons. I can see in their eyes the awe for their dad. You can tell that they want to be just like him when they grow up. They want to build the fire with him and put up the tent with him and gather water with him…anything and everything they can do to mimic their hero.

I take credit for marrying the best man in the world, but his dad George deserves the credit for showing him how to be that man. Thanks to all dads that are willing to put in the effort to raise their boys up into kind, strong, loving men. Happy Father’s day.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Aww. What a sweet tribute. I know I’m also close to my father and I owe a lot to him for making me a strong and outgoing person that I am today. Any travel plans for a belated Fathers’ day celeb?


    • There is no bigger influence on a boy than their dad :). A fathers day trip is not in the cards this year, but we’ve got another epic trip launching at the end of July…can’t wait!


  2. Thank you for all your inspiring posts. I’ve nominated you for an “Versatile Blogger Award”.


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