Let Them Roam Free

My sincere hope is that camping is not seen as “old-fashioned” and therefore passe. Camping doesn’t have to be about the stereotypical plaid shirts and bushmen (although I’ve always fancied both of these things). Getting outdoors is a form of escapism just as movies and the internet can be, only it offers a whole host of additional benefits.

With the proliferation of technology, traditional skills that were once passed on from our parents are being lost. Once upon a time parents took their kids camping and fishing and on endless road trips for entertainment. It seems that more and more now, kids are plunking themselves in front of the flat screen and passively staring at reruns rather than being engaged with others and their environment. Gone are the days of riding bikes, climbing trees and road hockey games stretching far into the night. Gone too are those camping trips with the folks.

If media reports are true, kids are increasingly sedentary, overweight and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. I’m not knocking the advances that have been made in technology. The internet and educational programming on television can be great resources. Why not use them to ensure that our kids reverse those scary statistics? Research how to take the family into the great outdoors if you don’t already possess the necessary skills like signing up to participate in a “Learn To Camp” seminar at a Provincial or National Park. Connect with others that are participating in the activities that interest you. Or forget technology and simply get back to basics with a stroll around the block.

I’ve found the outdoor community to be a very friendly one. Join a club that organizes outings to get you started. Try car camping for a night and work your way up to longer and more involved trips. If you’ve ever thought, “someday I’ll take the kids camping. Maybe when they’re older”. Make today the day that you start planning that trip for real.

There are so many benefits both physical and psychological, to getting away from the noise of the city and the walls that cut us off from world around us. Exercise, fresh air, room to roam…peace, time to reflect, time to think without distraction, space to dream.

Living in Canada, we have been blessed with the ultimate outdoor playground. So take advantage of our good fortune and give your kids the greatest gifts you can…healthy habits for life and time spent together. Take your kids outside.

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  1. Great post. Outside, with no modern distractions I find is an amazing way to spend time with the family, and does great things for the kids.


  2. Beautiful post!! Thank you for RT on Twitter today. #naturedeficitdisorder


  3. Posted by Rancho Penasquitos Dentist on May 2, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    Is this and threaded your blog too? I read it and I love it when a family bonds in nature without all those distractions of toys and technology. Nowadays children seem to be more into those new things, good your children are not.


    • It can be difficult getting out into nature as often as we’d like living in the big city, but we try our best to ensure our kids are excited about the outdoors. Thanks for your comment!


  4. Posted by beechcreekproject on May 8, 2012 at 10:25 PM

    In the years to come your kids will look back on these outings as some of the best times of their childhood. Hopefully some day they’ll do the same with their kids and pass on the love of the outdoors. Some great scenery out there in Canada. A place I’d love to explore some day. Take care.


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