The Thrill of the Backcountry, The Agony of Tea…

Is it wrong to take extreme pleasure in sitting in a coffee shop using free wi-fi to write a post about getting outside? I’m sipping overpriced tea and snacking on what I thought was a healthy choice granola bar (400 cal and 10g of fat!) watching pretty people type on their respective computers. How urban of me! Well, to be clear, this post is not about getting out, but rather it is about the heartache of staying in. You see, our lives are very busy. While it seems like my family is tripping all of the time, it is a well orchestrated dance of who is working when and how we can squeeze the trip money out of our budget.20111110-185647.jpg

Last weekend was supposed to be one of those lovely weekends where the view should have been trees, not cars circling the lot in hopes of getting rock star parking. It all fell through though when I forgot to ask for the time off. I was bitterly disappointed. And so November will pass without a trip. I won’t lie. It hurts a little. I’m down in the mouth and I’ve been dragging my feet. I’ve been making a lot of soup and browsing a LOT of knitting patterns. What is there to do, but plan the next conquest.

And so for now I will drink tea and look forward to our December trip. The reservation has been made, and the dates have been booked off work. Look out coffee shop, you will have one less patron dreaming in your window…I’m going on a trip!


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