A Weight Off My Back

I know the title suggests a post about backpacking, but it’s not. Well, maybe it is.  Sorta.

Algonquin Park - Barron Canyon

I’ve just completed a task that has been looming over my head and causing me indigestion and sleepless nights.  I feel like I can breathe again.  What was the first thing I did when I was finished?  I thought about where I could go camping and how much more I would enjoy it without the proverbial weight on my shoulders.

Algonquin Park - Barron Canyon

It’s ironic that what I want most is to put weight back on!  But camping and fresh air is my reward for a job well done.  Where do you go to reward yourself?  Maybe it’s shopping or dinner.  Why not consider a bike ride or a walk?  As for me, I’m going to head to Algonquin Park.  The ultimate in peace, beauty and quiet serenity.  A respite until the next big task rears its ugly head.  Oh, and I’ll probably get a Whopper too.

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