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A Weight Off My Back

I know the title suggests a post about backpacking, but it’s not. Well, maybe it is.  Sorta.

Algonquin Park - Barron Canyon

I’ve just completed a task that has been looming over my head and causing me indigestion and sleepless nights.  I feel like I can breathe again.  What was the first thing I did when I was finished?  I thought about where I could go camping and how much more I would enjoy it without the proverbial weight on my shoulders.

Algonquin Park - Barron Canyon

It’s ironic that what I want most is to put weight back on!  But camping and fresh air is my reward for a job well done.  Where do you go to reward yourself?  Maybe it’s shopping or dinner.  Why not consider a bike ride or a walk?  As for me, I’m going to head to Algonquin Park.  The ultimate in peace, beauty and quiet serenity.  A respite until the next big task rears its ugly head.  Oh, and I’ll probably get a Whopper too.

Wifi in Provincial Parks

So I got a message the other day from a writer at  She asked if she could interview me about camping and technology.  Sure I thought.  No biggy.  Our conversation was casual and friendly and I didn’t think much about it again.  Well, a friend just tweeted me a link to the article.  It did indeed capture my personal feelings about using wifi in the park…I wouldn’t.  I’m an old-fashioned camper and I’d rather just enjoy being alone with my family while I’m out there. Of course I was being asked whether I would take advantage of that technology myself, not whether I thought  it should be disallowed…

Well who knew that so many people would get worked up about something like this!  The comments went on and on.  Why is it that folks that comment on articles are always so angry?  I guess it’s because they must feel super strongly one way or the other, or they wouldn’t bother adding their two cents.  I can’t think of many things that I feel THAT strongly about, certainly not where strangers should be using their phones and laptops… Anyway, comments seemed to be split  pretty evenly for and against.  For the record, I am neither for NOR against. And although I would personally not partake of the internet out there,  I can appreciate a lot of the comments that were in the “for access” camp.  Here are some of the things I said (quite possibly not word for word) that didn’t end up in the article…

I backcountry camp and rarely run into other people.  If they were accessing the internet, it wouldn’t affect me at all.  To each his own.

I think getting into the park and having to do a little bit of work, is better than not getting into the park at all.  It’s a shame that some people aren’t able to fully get away and experience it work-free, but I can understand that is the reality for some.

I will be getting a Spot (personal tracker satellite gps messenger) next year for our three-week trip so that I can contact emergency services if something goes awry.  Satellite phones are prohibitively expensive, so if the Spot technology wasn’t available, I’d definitely want to be able to use my phone if I had to.  Wifi would be helpful in that instance.

I guess what I’m saying is, wifi is fine with me, I just wouldn’t choose to use it myself.  And for those that say just use self-control… anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I have no self-control.  I can’t just eat one chip, I have to eat the whole bag.  I can’t add just one picture to Facebook, I’d be on my iPhone all day long!  So if wifi hits my favourite park in the future, I’ll be leaving my phone at home.  I don’t care if you do or not.

I Saw London, I Saw France…

the tripper 16' out the doors at nova craft and onto our jeep

So I’ve been asked what the mystery trip to London was all about.  Because I’ve made you wait so long, it seems like it should be something super exciting.  Well, it was exciting to me, but not as exciting as all of the guesses you threw out!  Fraser and I went to London to pick up our new canoe direct from the Nova Craft shop.

Here is a link to a piece that I wrote about the experience… enjoy!


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