I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Muskrat?

I just read a cool tweet a couple of days ago and I feel inspired.  I follow Parks Canada on Twitter and they announced that they have a new app.  It is called “Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet”.  It is Parks Canada’s first official app and my first impression is that it is a good one.

screenshot of Canada Parks Heritage Gourmet app

It’s sort of an historical Canadian cookbook.  The recipes in one way or another represent or were influenced by, one of Canada’s national historic sites.  They are arranged by course, menu, region or period and each recipe is accompanied by the story of its inspiration and a link to the site that it represents.  There is one that I’ve already got the ingredients for and I’m definitely going to make this weekend.  Corn bread…mmm.  My mom used to make corn bread for breakfast, although she called it Johnny Cake.  I can imagine us all digging into this warm delight on cold fall and winter mornings, having drowned it in maple syrup. Sounds pretty Canadian to me!

There are other less familiar offers like the fried muskrat and eel stew.  Who knows though, maybe I’ll make it a mission to work my way through the more than 70 recipes.  I’ll try to hold back my scepticism at the more obscure fare, as the School of Hospitality and Tourism at Algonquin College has tested all of the recipes and revised them as necessary to make it possible to achieve tasty results.

I think that maybe I’ll concoct some recipes of my own inspired by Ontario Provincial Parks.  I’ll keep ya posted on the results of both. Oh, I almost forgot.  If you don’t have an app friendly device, Parks Canada has a bunch of the recipes on their website and promise to have all of them soon.  Happy eating!


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