Me and Lambie – Classy We Ain’t

No one can accuse us of being high brow. Classy we ain’t. Sure we buy our share of $5 coffees, but we’re simple girls. Our preferences lean towards donuts and away from tiramisu. We love a good cup of Tim Horton’s (double double, no fooling around here) and a chocolate dip. On Wednesday June 1st, there’s an even better reason to haunt your local Timmy’s than the Ice Cap’s.

lambie loves massasauga

I was waiting for the subway today and I took my usual place on the platform. Instead of the boring old ads that I usually ignore, one bright one caught my attention. Six happy kids in pfds enjoying themselves at camp. It was an ad for camp day at Tim Horton’s. Here is an excerpt from their website:

Camp Day is the one day a year when Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners across Canada and the United States donate every penny from coffee sales to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. In 2010, Camp Day raised more than $9.7 million CDN.

Every time a guest buys a coffee at Tim Hortons on Camp Day they will help send more than 14,000 kids – who could otherwise not afford it – on the camping adventure of a lifetime. All children who attend one of the Foundation’s six camps are selected from within the communities where Tim Hortons Restaurants are located.

When I say “we”, I am referring to the only other girl in our immediate family. I am of course referring to Lambie. Lambie is our ever-present third child and Zach’s best friend. She comes with us EVERYWHERE! She has a full wardrobe of seasonal sweaters, handknit by mom (that’s me). She has a bed, a car seat, and a fabulous personality. She hates baths and LOVES camping. Lambie has her own Therm-a-rest (a bum pad) and brings her own dolly (teddy) on trips to keep her company. Only one important piece of camping gear was missing. This was heroically provided by a boatload of Tim Horton’s Camp trippers on a summer trip to Massasauga Provincial Park.

The family was busy sunning ourselves on a rock (not unlike many of the local species) when the campers approached us. They told us that they were on a mission. They were going from site to site in order to trade objects with all of the park visitor’s. Did we have anything that we could part with and they’d give us something in return? The only thing we had that we could do without (we tend to only pack the most essential of items) was a Canada flag patch…brand new. It was in the zippered pocket of Luke’s pack. They thought that they had hit the jackpot! So what did we get in return? “We’ve got a beer cooler”. “Oh? Okay”, we said and shrugged our shoulders. One more thing to pack out, I thought to myself. I walked around to the edge of our site where their canoe could pull up close enough for the exchange. I leaned over and they handed me a little individual bottle cozy. Thank goodness it wasn’t the 2-4 pack I was expecting! I thanked them and they went on their way to the next site. I brought the little treasure back to our sunning rock and put it down. Luke looked over and casually commented, “that would be a perfect fit for Lambie”. By golly, he was right! I realized that the cooler was novelty shaped to look just like a miniature pfd complete with buckle closures! Many a time, I’d worried that Lambie might fall overboard and would be lost to a lake somewhere. Now she’d be forever safe in her

lambie getting ready for a paddle

pfd just like our other kids.

best friends relaxing after a long day

Thank you Tim Horton’s Camp! That little jacket has made it on every trip since and is now part of our essential kit 😉


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  1. Reblogged this on backcountry with the kids and commented:

    Today is Camp Day at Tim Horton’s. You’ve still got time to run out and grab a coffee to help send kids to camp. Here is a post I wrote last year about Camp Day. Enjoy!


  2. Posted by Gitta on June 7, 2012 at 6:07 AM

    I loved this post. I think we need to introduce Lambie to some possible friends who live in our house: Monkey, Ephalent and Froggy.


  3. Posted by Tiffany on June 7, 2012 at 8:23 AM

    Great post! Lambie is decked out. We have Doggy. It is interesting to me that you never know which stuffed animal will become the beloved favorite to your child. After realizing that Doggy was being held in such high esteem, we bought another one just like it in case we ever lost him. We never did. I recently pulled out the Doggy that we never had to use. It is hard to believe that the 2 Doggies are the same– 8 years and lots of love had changed his appearance!


    • Zach has FOUR Lambie’s…lol! And I’ve got one on reserve 😉 They stopped making them years ago so I troll EBay and buy them whenever I see one.


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