Annual Father’s Day Trip

we love portaging!

Our next trip is fast approaching.  Every year there is a father’s day trip.  It’s the perfect gift, and it never needs to be returned!  We are going to Frontenac Park this time.  We haven’t been there before and it looks less rugged than our usual locations.  I think it might even have outhouses!

charlotte flanked by her cousins

There is a reason for “takin’ it easy” this time.  We are taking my brother Steve and his daughter Charlotte along with us.  It is going to be Charlotte’s first canoe trip.  I couldn’t be more excited.  The opportunity to introduce a little one to the great outdoors gives me chills.  I know, I’m a big camping nerd.  Charlotte is six and this could be the start of a lifetime of loving the wilderness.  Steve used to work at the camping store with Fraser and I, so he’s an old hat at this.  It’ll be great to have an extra adult to wrangle the kids and another playmate for the boys.  Charlotte is a very high energy kid, so she’ll tucker them out in no time.  Hopefully they’ll be exhausted at the end of the day, but I suspect that hyjinx will be running high in that tent 🙂  We’re planning a two night trip and are going to move lakes after the first night.  A moving trip helps fill the days and keeps the scenery fresh.  It’s a good chance to practice site set-up and take down in a timely manner.  This will come in handy for our BIG trip next summer.  I might even attempt to carry one of the boats 😛

a canoe always makes a vehicle look better

I will of course post pictures and a recap of the trip.  Where is your next trip going to be?

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